“In which we learn more about Saul…”

So I had an extra long weekend and sunk some time into a gamedev project I’ve been neglecting (I’ll be announcing that pretty soon). After burning myself out there a bit, it was nice to get back to this story.

There are a lot of parallels between drawing webcomics and game development for me. The most poignant of which is the problem of “communication”.  Pinning down and distilling “what” I’m trying to say to the reader/player in a manner that makes sense. If you watch the “making of..” video for this chapter you’ll note that I played around with a few different scenes.  I think I got it right… sorta?  Always been my favorite aspect of design and since I’ve never been formally educated, I always feel like I’m not doing it quite as effectively as I should.  But I’m still learning !

Anyway that’s enough word rambling for now. Remember guys, do the thing below!